Deadline approaching for solar Competitive Solicitation Incentive Program applications

New Jersey grid-supply solar developers looking to earn solar renewable energy certificates have until March 31 to submit applications to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for participation in the first year of the Competitive Solicitation Incentive Program.

In connection with the implementation of the CSI Program, the BPU conducted a stakeholder informational meeting to provide guidance to solar developers regarding the process to secure solar renewable energy credit incentives for grid supply solar projects and net-metering projects in excess of 5 megawatts DC.

At the stakeholder meeting, the BPU staff identified relevant program deadlines and outlined the prequalification and application process.

The CSI Program, which is mandated by the New Jersey Solar Act of 2021, is part of the BPU’s Successor Solar Incentive Program. The SuSI Program replaces the BPU’s longstanding SREC Program that closed in May 2020 and the Transition Incentive Program that closed to new entrants in August 2021.

The SuSI Program is divided into two components:

  • The Administratively Determined Incentive Program, applicable to net-metered projects less than 5 MWs, residential projects and community solar projects; and
  • The CSI Program, applicable to grid supply solar projects and net-metered projects in excess of 5 MWs.

The ADI Program became effective in August 2021, and has been ongoing successfully.

Under the CSI Program, the BPU intends to solicit bids for qualified solar generation projects totaling 300 MWs per year for the first three years of the program. The first solicitation process, which commenced with an optional prequalification period running from Feb. 1 to March 8, is open for bid submissions until March 31.

For mor information about New Jersey’s solar energy program and related incentives, or to discuss your specific circumstances, click here.