Nonprofit profile: HBCU Greatness Inc., promoting Historically Black College and University experience to area students

In brief

Serving: New Jersey/New York metropolitan area’s prospective HBCU students, recent graduates and professionals 


Founded by William S. Parrish Jr. In 2021. Parrish is also president of the North Jersey Chapter Hampton University Alumni Association and began to grow frustrated with parents’ reply when asking, “Where will your student go to school?” Too often the response was… “Whoever gives us the most money.” Predominantly White Institutions have more money and resources and need for diversity and will likely often win this race. However, those PWIs will not always be the best fit for students of color based on their desires and needs, including high academic achievement, campus life, cultural identify, communal pride and social well-being.


To highlight and expose prospective students to the value of Historically Black College and University educational experiences, campus life, culture and pride enjoyed by alumni of these schools


To increase cohort size and annual funding commitments for each student who completes the HBCU Scholars Engagement Program and graduates within 4.5 years.


HBCU Signing Day is held the first Saturday in June each year to recognize and support rising freshman students who’ve chosen HBCU educations. The program is supported by returning upperclassmen and recent graduates, as well as adult alumni, who share experiences and insight on what to expect.

Each cohort is tracked over four years through our HBCU Scholars Engagement Program for key corporate opportunities, including internships, scholarships, mentoring and jobs.


Engaging with our Cohort 1 of 20 New Jersey students attending HBCUs in Delaware, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida and implementing our required HBCU Scholar Engagement Program.


Through corporate benefactors, gifts and sponsorship as well as HBCU activations during local school activities that take place in our metropolitan area.


Corporate foundations, as well as local community-based institutions and HBCU alumni and friends.


Please contact us for opportunities to share HBCU Greatness with your community of students. Please also know that we gladly accept donations and support throughout the year at

Conversation Starter

Please email or contact William S. Parrish Jr. at 201-247-4031. For more information go to:; Facebook @hbcugreatness; or Instagram @hbcu.greatness.