Stockton University to celebrate new residence hall with ribbon-cutting

Stockton University’s Phase II Residence Hall in Atlantic City is closer to completion. The new building at the corner of Atlantic and South Providence avenues in the Chelsea Heights section of the city is on schedule with its construction process, and a ribbon-cutting is planned for May 3.

Just a short walk from the Stockton Atlantic City campus, the 135,000-square-foot, six-story building features apartment- and suite-style living with a total of 416 beds. Most of the suites include four single bedrooms, a common area, two bathrooms and a full kitchen. There will also be a lounge on each floor, meeting room, business center and laundry facilities. Students will also have views of the beach, Boardwalk and park, and access to a courtyard with outside seating.

“Most of the building’s façade is complete. Inside, most of the drywall is up for the suites, and we are beginning to finish the bathrooms by installing tile, showers and toilets,” Mark Ciccotelli, the project manager, said. “As some of the stoves and refrigerators are being installed, it’s exciting to really start to visualize how the living areas are going to come together.”

Many of the concepts regarding the room layouts have been kept the same as Phase I due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from students who have lived in Atlantic City, said Steven Radwanski, the executive director of residential life.

“We are excited to build off of the success of Phase I in providing students with a unique and exciting experience in Atlantic City,” he said. “We have worked closely throughout the project to ensure students have lounge space on every floor to relax, meet with others and be successful at Stockton. We are excited to open the building so everyone can see the positive impact it will have on the community.”

Radwanski said a small number of first-year students will be able to live in the new residence hall. Current students have until April 5 to sign the housing contract for the 2023-2024 academic year and pay the deposit. Students interested in living in Atlantic City have priority selection above all other students April 16.

The project is a public-private partnership with the Atlantic City Development Corp. and reinforces the university’s role as an anchor institution dedicated to attracting a diverse and educated resource.