Cross River celebrates its impactful philanthropy in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Cross River Bank on Tuesday released its first ever Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Report.

With a focus on innovation, technology and creativity, the Fort Lee-based financial institution and its employees connect with diverse organizations where Cross River can help shape a better future for all—both in the company’s own backyard in New Jersey, and across the globe.

The report celebrates the compassionate efforts of Cross River’s community affairs team, its philanthropic arm, Foundation@ Cross River, and its employees over the last year.

Through partnerships with community leaders and organizations, charities, elected officials, and partners, Company provided support to unserved and underserved communities around the globe.

“Cross River was built on a foundation of giving and providing safe and reliable resources to those in need,” Eden Hoffman, head of Global Communications at Cross River stated. “It is a testament to the integrity of every member of the Cross River family that we can provide assistance to communities both near and far, and we are humbled to share a glimpse into our team’s impact over the last year.”

In 2022, Cross River and its employees supported—both monetarily and with time given—more than 360 organizations around the world, donated more than $50,000 in employee charitable matching funds and led over 180 hours of financial literacy for the community, from students to seniors. Central to the Company’s success in the first year of its official Foundation@ efforts is the passionate engagement of employees from every level of the organization.

Founded on the concept of “giving without borders,” Cross River says its responsibility to giving back has only begun. As the company grows, so does its positive impact around the world.