Q&A: A quick look at the business program at the County College of Morris

What areas or disciplines does your business school specialize in?

Online degrees: Our online business degree program has been rated as Most Popular in New Jersey for an associate degree.

In-person degrees: We offer business administration for students who plan to transfer and then earn a bachelor’s degree, and business professional for those who would like to gain immediate employment in such fields as accounting, marketing, finance, sales or other related fields.

Certificate: Our Social Media Marketing and Communications Certificate allows students to obtain the qualifications — in as little as two semesters — to gain employment in this rapidly expanding field.

What are three unique classes at the school?

International Finance: It provides an understanding of the relationship between the international business environment and international financial markets. Topics covered include the international flow of funds, international capital markets, exchange rate behavior and the financial management of multinational firms.

Small Business Planning and Financing: It focuses on the planning and financing of small business ventures and the development of a business plan consisting of market analysis, a comprehensive operations plan and financial projections. 

Investment Principles: It introduces students to basic types of investment alternatives focusing on the mechanics of investing, including online investing, researching and interpreting financial information, understanding risk/return tradeoffs and reviewing investment strategies associated with various stock orders. Often, the course includes a stock investing competition.

What is one aspect of your business department that you feel makes it stand out?

The business faculty at CCM is what makes its programs stand out. The college’s professors come with extensive experience in the real world that they share with their students.