Q&A: A quick look at the Martin Tuchman School of Management at NJIT

What areas or disciplines does your business school specialize in?

FinTech: The development of consumer-facing applications increased demand for professionals with advanced skills in finance and technology. NJIT’s program, the first such bachelor’s offered in the state, prepares students for this emerging job market.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: MTSM is a nationally recognized force in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at NJIT, which includes the school, research centers, business competitions, the university’s New Jersey Innovation Institute and NJII’s startup engine, VentureLink.

Real Estate Technology: The Paul Profeta Foundation Real Estate Technology, Design and Innovation Center provides teaching, training and research around the disruptive technologies and new design and construction techniques that are transforming the real estate industry.

What are three unique classes at the school?

Managing Technology and Innovation: Analyzes how changes in technology affect individual, group and organizational effectiveness, and the importance of new technologies as critical success factors for modern organizations.

Real Estate Tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Focuses on helping a business manager and innovator understand how technology has fundamentally changed real estate economics as an asset class. 

Artificial Intelligence for Business Decisions: Course content and exercises provide a business manager with an understanding and the tools to use AI systems to solve business problems and aid in decision-making.

What is one aspect of your business department that you feel makes it stand out? 

The curriculum at NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management is designed to equip a new generation of technology-savvy business leaders with skills to respond to rapid and often unpredictable technological, social and economic changes.