Walmart announces plan to expand electric vehicle charging network

Walmart and Sam’s Club recently announced plans install new electric vehicle fast-charging stations at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the country by 2030.

The store said the new stations would be in addition to the almost 1,300 EV fast-charging stations it already has available at more than 280 U.S. facilities.

“With a store or club located within 10 miles of approximately 90% of Americans, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a convenient charging option that will help make EV ownership possible whether people live in rural, suburban or urban areas,” Walmart said in a release.

The company said it has a goal to meet the needs of customers and members where they live and open the road to those driving across the country. It hopes to provide easy access to on-the-go charging for drivers who have been hesitant to purchase an EV out of concerns they won’t be able to find a charger in a clean, bright and safe location when needed.

Walmart said that with chargers located on site with at its Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Sam’s Clubs, it will be better able to offer customers and members the convenience of being able to pick up essentials while they charge.

Walmart also said it aims to offer “Every Day Low Price” charging — helping ease transportation costs.

“We see our commitment today as a natural extension of our work to help customers and members live better, easier and more sustainable lives — a big win for busy families and drivers everywhere, our country and the planet,” Walmart said in its release.

The plan marks the latest investment in Walmart’s efforts to transform its business and product supply chains to be more regenerative, in this case, helping reduce emissions and increase efficiencies for customers.

For example, Walmart announced tests across its supply chain vehicle and fuel classes toward its goal of achieving zero emissions by 2040. And as of last year, many of its W+ customers have already been receiving their deliveries via electric vehicles.

“The way vehicle ownership looks is changing fast, and so is our business. Today, we are as known for convenience as we are for Every Day Low Price. We are committed to providing customers, members, associates, suppliers and our communities at large with the services they need and want, in a way that fits their lifestyle — making EV ownership easy and simple is no exception,” Walmart said.

Walmart said it is still identifying at which locations these charging stations will best serve customers.