New Rider program is designed to prepare students for variety of STEM careers

Personalized support system provides solid foundation for future academic success

Rider University recently introduced a new general science program intended to help select first-year students find their preferred career path in STEM. Students will receive tailored coursework their first year to prepare for the rigors of collegiate study and set the foundation for declaring a math, science or technology major their sophomore year.

Rider said that students in the general science program will also receive exclusive benefits, such as individual academic advising from science, technology, engineering and mathematics faculty; a dedicated STEM success coach, who will provide personalized guidance and support throughout the first year; a free course; and more.

“The first year of college can be the most challenging, as it is filled with a number of transitions,” Kelly Bidle, dean of Rider’s College of Arts and Sciences, said. “By increasing the level of personalized support for first-year students who are interested in STEM, we will provide a strong foundation for whichever math, science or technology major they select, setting them up for a successful four years and beyond.”

The first-year curriculum will be determined based on the intended major, which may be selected from 14 undergraduate majors, ranging from biology to cybersecurity to mathematics. In order to select a major sophomore year, students must meet a series of requirements, including specific grades and credit hours, as well as participation in academic meetings and tutoring.