Redaptive partners with Cintas to reduce energy consumption at its facilities

Energy-as-a-Service leader Redaptive announced it is working with Cintas Corp. on a multiyear project to help Cintas reduce energy consumption companywide as part of its initiative to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Cintas provides uniforms and apparel in addition to industrial laundry and cleaning services to more than 1 million businesses of all kinds throughout North America.

In addition to LED lighting, Redaptive is working with Cintas on a pilot project to explore the benefits of solar technology. Working with both Redaptive and the state of New Jersey, Cintas has begun installation of its first solar-powered system at the company’s rental location in Piscataway.

The project is expected to be fully installed and operational in the late spring. Once online and connected to the energy grid, the first solar panel system installation will allow Cintas to evaluate its year-round performance and compare the costs with traditional utility-based energy sources.

“The expansion of our program with Cintas to include solar installations alongside LED retrofit projects is a big step forward on Cintas’ path to a sustainable energy future,” Redaptive CEO Arvin Vohra said. “We’re proud partners of Cintas and are excited to help in the company’s transition to net zero emissions. An initiative of this magnitude shows our unique capability to impact organizations with large real estate portfolios and significantly reduce their energy consumption and energy costs.”