A utility that pays you back? SJI customers to get $41 credit

Customers of South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas will share a unique experience on their bill this spring: Their utility will pay them.

On Wednesday, South Jersey Industries, the parent company of both utilities, announced customers will get a credit of $41.55 on their account this week. The credit will be reflected on their next bill.

The credit is the first of two annual payments customers will receive — as they will receive a credit of approximately the same amount in 2024.

Customers do not need to take any action to receive the credit. The credit will be automatically applied to existing balances or remain in the customer’s account to pay for future gas usage.

The credits are part of the accounting that occurred after South Jersey Industries was acquired in January by the Infrastructure Investments Fund, a JPMorgan-backed investment firm.

“The bill credits reflect our commitment to being a trusted provider of safe, reliable, affordable natural gas to the communities we serve,” South Jersey Gas President Brent Schomber and Elizabethtown Gas President Christie McMullen said in similar releases.