#HudsonGives: A most unusual (and effective) day of giving set for May 11

Five years ago, the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and Hudson County Chamber Foundation had a unique idea. Instead of each of their numerous nonprofits holding galas and events in an attempt to raise the necessary donations to keep them going, how about having a virtual day of giving instead?

The idea has proven to be a smash hit, raising nearly $2 million (from more than 11,000 donors) in its first four years.

The fifth annual #HudsonGives event, believed to be the only countywide effort in the state, will be held this year on May 11, the organizations announced this week.

Hudson County Chamber CEO Emory Edwards said the event gives donors the ability to have great impact.

“It provides new and returning donors the opportunity to support important charities across a range of topics, including hunger and homelessness, poverty and health care, mentoring and training, animals and nature, arts and education,” she said.

Robinson Holloway, the chamber director and co-chair of its Nonprofit Network, agreed.

“It takes a community to ensure that no nonprofit is left behind,” she said. “We urge donors and sponsors to explore how best they can achieve their goals by joining this movement and being part of something great.”

Here’s background on the program and key data points:

  • #HudsonGives is an online giving day, raising unrestricted funds for nonprofit organizations that serve Hudson County. It’s a considerably more cost-effective way to raise money and engage supporters than planning a gala or outing or similar event.
  • The average amount raised by the nonprofits in 2022 was $7,321.18.
  • The median amount raised by the nonprofits in 2022 was $2,528.
  • The average donation in 2022 was $140.26.
  • 2,222 donors were new donors to the nonprofits they funded.
  • 3% of donors cover the administration and credit card fees for their gifts — so, the average fundraising cost to the nonprofit was $1.20 for every $100 raised.

#HudsonGives is a project of the Hudson County Chamber Foundation and the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Network, led in 2023 by co-chairs Holloway (Art Fair 14C) and Christine Perez (York Street Project).

Please note: The #HudsonGives giving day is the 24 hours of May 11 — but the hudsongives.org website opens for donations from May 2-18.