From Botox to Emface: How one senior living facility in N.J. is changing the face of care options

Fellowship Village in Basking Ridge to cut ribbon today on Thrive Med Spa that will serve residents of facility — and the area

Facials: sure.

Hand spot removal: makes sense.

Botox: well … why not?

Senior living communities have long been known for providing engaging activities and health care services for their residents. Fellowship Village in Basking Ridge is taking that one step further.

The facility, which is part of the greater FellowshipLIFE organization, will cut the ribbon Wednesday on a Thrive Med Spa facility on the premises.

About Fellowship Village

Fellowship Village describes itself as a premier Life Plan Community serving active older adults for over 25 years. It is a part of FellowshipLIFE, a not-for-profit organization with a vision to transform the aging experience. Across 72 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with access to walking trails, outdoor dining and amenities, Fellowship Village offers residents independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and sub-acute rehabilitation.

Thrive Med Spa, which touts itself as providing aesthetic services for the young and the young-at-heart, will provide medical-grade facials, including Botox and IV services, facial tightening and hand spot removal, among many other services.

Included on the menu of options is Emface, a new noninvasive treatment that uses radio-frequency energy and high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation, or HIFES, technology to reduce wrinkles, tone muscles, boost collagen, improve symmetry and lift the entire face.

FellowshipLife is believed to be the first in the senior living spectrum to offer this type of service to not only its residents, but also to the broader local community.

Elizabeth Fandel, the chief marketing and innovation officer at FellowshipLIFE, said the company is working to meet the needs of its customers.

“FellowshipLIFE is transforming the aging experience and empowering older adults to live a vibrant and active life,” she said. “We know that older adults are more invested in their health and wellness than ever before.

“We not only provide high-quality health care, but also take a personalized approach to helping adults thrive in various dimensions of wellness.”

Want to learn more?

Thrive Med Spa said it helps clients — young and old — achieve their ultimate transformational results. Learn more here.

Fandel said she feels Thrive Med Spa, which is owned and operated by FellowshipLIFE, is a difference-maker to its business model.

“By adding Thrive Med-Spa to our list of five-star amenities and services at our Fellowship Village campus, we’re taking an innovative approach to being able to give our residents, family members, guests, clients and anyone from the greater community an elevated living experience that includes aesthetics and wellness — while exceeding their expectations for quality services,” she said.

Before any treatment is performed, the client receives a complimentary consultation.

And, also, a warning: How an individual responds to treatment cannot be completely predicted, given their unique health history, skin elasticity and nutrition.

Jennifer Reickman, a manager at Thrive Med Spa, said it’s all part of a personalization process.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to life or how an individual chooses to age,” she said. “The aging process is unique to each of us. That’s one of the reasons the philosophical approach to treatment at Thrive Med Spa is individualized and intentional.”