‘Seinfeld Law’ — which requires telemarketers to identify themselves — signed into law in New Jersey

Bill sponsored by Bramnick requires telemarketers to identify themselves and who they represent within 1st 30 seconds of sales call

About that extended car warranty … the extra benefits you deserve for having Medicare (whether you have it or not) … or the simple pleas for money from charities that sound real but may not be.

Any telemarketers looking to cash in on your willingness to answer the phone in New Jersey now must provide some real information: Who they are — and who they work for.

Legislation sponsored by state Sen. Jon Bramnick (R-Westfield) that requires telemarketers to identify themselves and who they represent within the first 30 seconds of a sales call was signed into law Monday afternoon by Gov. Phil Murphy.

Bramnick, who fancies himself a comedian, dubbed it the “’Seinfeld’ Law” — paying tribute to a scene from the show when Jerry asked the telemarketer for their name and number.

“I am pleased that the governor signed this legislation today to protect New Jerseyans from telemarketing scams,” he said. “When you answer a telemarketer’s call, you should know right up front who they are and who they work for.”

The legislation requires telemarketers to disclose detailed information about who they work for at the start of a call.

In addition to accurately identifying their own name and the purpose of the call, telemarketers must provide the customer with the name and telephone number of the person or business that they are representing.

The bill also mandates that telemarketers display their mailing address and the address of the business they represent on their website and in any written communication sent to a customer.

Failure to adhere to the new disclosure requirements would result in a disorderly person’s offense, along with other applicable penalties, in accordance with the Consumer Fraud Act.

Will it work?


But that’s what many hoped for when “Do Not Call” laws went into effect.

The better solution?

Hang up.

Why would you give a telemarketer 30 seconds of your life, anyway?