AeroFarms expands availability with nationwide Amazon Fresh launch

Newark-based AeroFarms on Tuesday announced an expansion with Amazon Fresh online and at all Amazon Fresh grocery store locations. The partnership builds on AeroFarms’ national launch with Whole Foods Market in 2022, which marked an industry first for an indoor leafy greens grower to be part of the Whole Foods Market Global Planogram.

AeroFarms said it is both a change-the-world company and an award-winning retail brand that leads the way with smart, indoor vertical farming to elevate agriculture with people and planet in mind. The indoor vertical farming leader grows safe, nutritious and delicious food all year round, while using up to 95% less water and zero pesticides compared to traditional field farming.

“AeroFarms is excited to continue to scale our national availability with Amazon Fresh to meet the growing consumer demand for our fresh, flavorful and delicious microgreens,” AeroFarms co-founder and CEO David Rosenberg said. “We are proud to offer a unique flavor lineup of our Micro Spicy Mix, Micro Arugula and Micro Rainbow Mix to Amazon Fresh customers across the nation.”