Bergen New Bridge Medical Center cuts ribbon for new Bariatric Center

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was recently held at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center for the new Bariatric Center, created in partnership with the New York Bariatric Group to increase access to this critical service.

New York Bariatric Group is a nationally renowned bariatric practice with the country’s most accomplished bariatric surgeons. NYBG is the leading bariatric practice in the tri-state area with offices throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

“Bariatric surgery can improve the ability to perform routine daily activities, which helps improve overall quality of life, and that is why adding this service is another vital component of our ability to enhance access to meaningful care and services,” Deborah Visconi, CEO and president, Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, said. “Many thanks to our team who worked tirelessly with the New York Bariatric Group to make the Bariatric Center a reality.”

“All patients deserve accessibility to exemplary care. The partnership between Bergen New Bridge Medical Center and NYBG allows patients to receive comprehensive weight loss treatments from highly trained staff at a distinguished hospital in the community,” Dr. Shawn Garber, founder, New York Bariatric Group, said.

“Thank you to the New York Bariatric Group and Bergen New Bridge Medical Center for giving us the opportunity to create this new Bariatric Center, as these services are in high demand, as shown by the fact that we are already booked through November,” Dr. Vadim Gritsus, bariatric surgeon, Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, said. “We have been performing bariatric procedures here at the medical center since 2019 and have completed more than 900 procedures, which means we have saved 900 lives from obesity.”

“Every time I come to an event at Bergen New Bridge, it is because there is something new, something that is granting access so that more services are available for those who need them,” said Assemblywoman Lisa Swain (D-Paramus). “I am so glad you are taking a holistic approach to your Bariatric Center, since we all know surgery alone is not enough, that you have to treat the whole person by providing follow-up and support to ensure their health and wellness.”

“I’m so proud of the services offered at the medical center, which are cutting-edge and address the needs of our community,” said Mary Amoroso, Bergen County commissioner. “Obesity is a medical issue facing many in this country and, here at Bergen New Bridge, there is support, direction and healing, which can turn the tide on this challenge facing so many members of our community.”

A variety of weight loss procedures are available at the new Center including gastric balloons, LAP-BAND adjustable gastric band, revisional surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch, and gastric bypass. To schedule an appointment with Bergen New Bridge Medical Center’s bariatric services, call 201-225-7130.