N.J.-based therapy companies open pediatric developmental center providing in-house autism therapy

Two New Jersey-based behavioral therapy companies — the COR Behavioral Group, an applied behavior analysis, autism and developmental disabilities therapy provider, and Baker Street Behavioral Health, a nationwide psychology and mental health services company — recently announced the grand opening of a new shared Pediatric Developmental Center, located at 15-01 Broadway in Fair Lawn.

“The new developmental center allows our staff to help clients reach their full potential, thanks in part to a perfect mix of center-based, in-home and telehealth therapy options we provide,” Dr. Joe Galasso, founder and CEO of the COR Behavioral Group and Baker Street Behavioral Health, said. “The two companies work together to proudly provide a customer-driven suite of therapy services, from autism-focused ABA therapy, to psychology, neuropsychological testing and evaluation, medication management, social skills groups and many more.”

The new pediatric developmental center offers a safe and inclusive environment for individuals with a host of presenting challenges, including autism and/or developmental disabilities, providing them with individual therapies and/or social skills groups that encourage the development of positive behaviors and life skills, while reducing behaviors that negatively impact learning. Specifically, the center provides clients with a treatment program designed to promote skill development and symptom reduction. Clients can also make use of a sensory room, gym area and a full kitchen and laundry area. As a result, they can learn a well-rounded suite of life skills, all with a 1:1 direct oversight from either board-certified behavioral analysts, registered behavioral technicians, psychologists and/or therapists on staff.

Additionally, individuals can receive a neuropsychological evaluation at the new center. Currently, wait times for this service in New Jersey can take six months or more; the COR Behavioral Group and Baker Street Behavioral Health are proud to provide a solution to this need, as they are offering this service with no waitlist.

A neuropsychological evaluation and assessment is conducted to determine the presence, nature and severity of cognitive dysfunction; it looks at reading, language usage, attention, learning, processing speed, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, mood and personality and more, to help determine a diagnosis often along the lines of autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and/or learning and attention disorders.