Nova Farms expands its Northeast footprint with the opening of N.J.’s first exclusively recreational adult-use dispensary

You don’t need a medical card to buy cannabis in New Jersey anymore, yet all dispensaries that sell recreational-use marijuana do offer their product to medical patients first — usually with preference over recreational users. Up until this week.

Nova Farms, a privately owned, vertically integrated cannabis operator in the Northeast, on Wednesday announced it will open its flagship retail cannabis dispensary in Woodbury on Friday. Nova’s new cannabis dispensary will be the state’s first non-conversion, exclusively recreational adult-use dispensary.

Nova Farms currently operates four dispensaries (three in Massachusetts and one in Maine) with two outdoor cultivations in Massachusetts and Maine and one indoor grow facility in Rhode Island. Nova also manufactures and processes cannabis products in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and will soon do so in New Jersey.

As a leading cannabis retailer as well as manufacturer, Nova Farms offers various award-winning brands that cater to cannabis consumers.

Nova Farms is committed to providing cannabis customers with the best possible experience and the diverse range of award-winning brands under its umbrella reflects this commitment.

“Our mission is to bring the highest-quality brands and consumer packaged goods to cannabis enthusiasts in the Northeast. While other companies are chasing licenses in various states nationwide, Nova has honed its geographical focus to the Northeast, allowing our brands to resonate with multiple states where we can connect the dots within our geographical nexus. New Jersey is a great example of this, and we are excited to show the New Jersey market what Nova Farms is all about,” Blair Fish, chief operating officer of Nova Farms, said.

Nova Farms says it offers top-quality products highly sought by cannabis lovers, including: Southie Adams, Hashables, Zzzonked Sleepy Gummies, Sticky Fish and Rezzy. Nova also is committed to its wholesale partners in the Northeast and will have a wide array of cannabis products available for sale.

Nova’s new dispensary is located in the heart of Woodbury at 642 Mantua Pike. It will operate longer hours, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day and is easy to navigate with plenty of parking and quick turnaround service. Nova is an experienced retail operator that will bring its expertise to the New Jersey market.