Atlantic Health to roll out NeuroFlow’s platform, which screens and triages patients with behavioral health symptoms

Atlantic Health System partnered with behavioral health infrastructure company NeuroFlow to launch and facilitate the use of its collaborative care model — also called NeuroFLow — across 16 Accountable Care Organization sites.

Addressing mental health is a mandate. Providers are overwhelmed, depression and anxiety are underdiagnosed, consumers are turning to unvalidated solutions and costs are on the rise — the partners aim to give health care organizations the tools to fix that.

NeuroFlow empowers organizations to integrate mental health care populationwide, by weaving consumer and enterprise workflow software into a cohesive platform that keeps clinical teams informed while identifying and triaging individuals to the right level of care.

The initial rollout of NeuroFlow to support behavioral health screening for adult patients in the ACOs will begin in June. The additional enrollment of younger patients and launch of collaborative care programs will take place in subsequent months.

The partnership will be activated with an initial focus on migrating clinical workflows to NeuroFlow’s registry, or caseload management tool, providing care team members with the ability to track and measure patient progress in between appointments and improve resource allocation.

“A key part of our quadruple aim is the provider’s satisfaction and additional support to their practices. Given the rising demand for behavioral health services, we were looking for a solution that could streamline behavioral health screenings, provide customized patient education and coaching, along with access to BH collaborating professionals,” Atlantic Health System’s vice president of physician value-based programs and chief medical officer, Accountable Care Organizations, Dr. Jim Barr, said. “The NeuroFlow platform identifies and prioritizes behavioral health concerns in our populations, collects data to help us understand the whole person and supports management with clinical decision insights and performance frameworks.”

NeuroFlow was selected as a partner for its ease of use and dual purpose in serving both patients and clinicians, leveraging its technology to risk-stratify populations in real-time and alert care teams about high- and rising-risk patients.

NeuroFlow also will provide behavioral health care managers to be embedded within Atlantic Health’s primary care setting in order to help monitor treatment outcomes. This tech-enabled approach has been proven to reduce emergency department visits by 34%.

“Technology is the force-multiplier needed to advance behavioral health care and close the care gaps that exist for patients,” NeuroFlow Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tom Zaubler said. “This partnership will support the clinical team at Atlantic Health as they launch the collaborative care model and work toward improving access for their adult and pediatric patients as demand for services continues to increase.”

The partnership will initially focus on supporting 30,000 patients and will involve Accountable Care Organizations — both Atlantic Medical Group and independent practices from Atlantic ACO and the Optimus Healthcare Partners ACO.