Pharm tech giant Croda announces two partnerships that will help drive sustainable delivery systems

Princeton-based company to work with Amyris and Botanical Solutions

Princeton-based Croda, Inc., the company that uses smart science to create high-performance ingredients and solutions that improve lives, has announced two new partnerships that will help the pharmaceutical industry move towards a more sustainable supply chain.

The first partnership is an exclusive license agreement with Amyris, a leading synthetic biology company, for the supply of a biotechnology-derived, pharmaceutical grade ingredient used in vaccines to boost immune responses. The ingredient, called squalene, is traditionally sourced from shark liver whereas Amyris’ sustainable squalene is derived from sugarcane, providing an identical molecule with higher purity.

Amyris will manufacture and supply squalene to Croda and Croda will license squalene technology from Amyris to market, distribute, and sell squalene for use in human and veterinary vaccines, drug delivery systems, or nucleic acid delivery systems. Croda will also leverage its experience with good manufacturing practices to accelerate the commercialization of the final packaged squalene products to its broad customer base.

The second partnership is with Botanical Solutions to produce a sustainable pharmaceutical grade vaccine adjuvant (an ingredient of a vaccine that boosts immune response). The ingredient, called QS-21, is on the cutting edge of technology for the next generation of vaccine development. Traditionally produced by harvesting mature soap trees to extract QS-21 from the bark, BSI’s adjuvant is derived from plant tissue culture.

Daniele Piergentili, president of life sciences at Croda, said the partnerships with Amyris and BSI are fully aligned with Croda’s commitment to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients across our growth markets.

“These sustainably sourced technologies are a perfect extension to our broad spectrum of vaccine adjuvants, and we eagerly look forward to leveraging it globally across our customer base,” she said.

These announcements are in line with Croda Pharma’s strategy to “Empower Biologics Delivery” and follows news earlier this year on its investment to expand Croda Pharma’s global manufacturing capabilities to enable the next generation vaccines and therapeutic drugs.