TimeDoc Health partners with Premier Health Associates on virtual care management program

TimeDoc Health, a virtual care management, chronic condition management and remote patient monitoring firm, on Wednesday said it partnered with Premier Health Associates, a medical group representing 10 care specialties across 14 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

TimeDoc Health’s virtual care workflow has been integrated into Premier Health Associates’ existing systems and EHR, providing a real-time look at patient health data, monitored by clinical professionals.

Premier has been leveraging a combination of resources, including remote patient monitoring of high-risk and comorbidity patients. Premier Health Associates is able to increase operating capacity and decrease unnecessary in-person visits, particularly from patients living in rural communities.

“The pandemic exposed clear weak points in our system and how we care for patients,” Premier Health Associates CEO Dr. David Bollard said. “With TimeDoc Health, we’ve found our rhythm in terms of when to escalate to an in-person visit and when we recognize our team can be just as efficient with a virtual care appointment. I can’t tell you how many times we used to treat patients for high blood pressure, when they were just anxious or stressed from the commute to the office. Now, we have the capability to get a patient’s reading before they leave their living room.”

Patients enrolled in a remote monitoring program demonstrated a 20.5% improvement in blood pressure control readings during a 10-week trial. This was made possible, in part, due to TimeDoc Health’s custom staffing structure. As part of the engagement, TimeDoc Health has supported Premier Health Associates’ existing care management team with four care coordinators. These experts have been responsible for flagging anomalies in patient data, coordinating new enrollment and ongoing issue management. The partnership between the Premier Health Associates’ care management staff and the TimeDoc Health care coordination team increases the flexibility needed to ensure that all patients receive specific interventions required to drive better outcomes.

“Virtual care management means giving patients more options and, with it, reduced wait times to see a provider,” TimeDoc Health Vice President of Clinical Strategy Sarah Cameron said. “This has an equally powerful effect on the care teams that can focus precious time and resources on the patients and cases that have the most urgent needs. Premier Health Associates has a diverse patient population, spanning all generations, and we’re excited to support the innovative work they are doing to create greater access to care.”