Rider University to offer Bachelor of Social Work this fall

Program emphasizes social justice and human rights in practice

Rider University has launched a Bachelor of Social Work program that will prepare students to deliver social work services to individuals, families, organizations and communities in diverse settings, including health care facilities, schools, the criminal justice system and social service organizations.

The program, which will begin this fall, will emphasize social justice and advancing human rights through its curriculum, which includes topics ranging from social work theory, methods and practice, advocacy for social workers to cultural competency.

“Students in this program will be fully prepared to become ethical practitioners who are concerned for the holistic well-being of the populations they serve, including marginalized individuals and groups,” Sarah Trocchio, assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology, said.

In addition to coursework, students will be required to complete a fieldwork placement. A multitude of opportunities will be available to students because of Rider’s close proximity to Trenton, Philadelphia and New York City. The fieldwork requirement is central to the social work major and aligns with Rider’s Engaged Learning Program, which requires undergraduate students to complete real-world learning experiences.

Victor Thompson, chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminology, said, “It’s important for graduates of this program to have not only a strong theoretical background, but experience in professional settings.”

Rider said graduates of its Bachelor of Social Work program will be prepared to begin an entry-level position in the field or continue their education in a Master of Social Work program. Commons career paths include becoming a case manager, a child welfare specialist, a community organizer, a crisis intervention specialist, a policy analyst and a mental health counselor, among others.