Cross River partners with Momnt to make lending more accessible

Momnt, a financial technology company that powers real-time lending and payment solutions for businesses at the point of need, is excited to announce the launch of a partnership with Cross River Bank of Fort Lee.

Merchants on the Momnt platform are now able to further expand their loan offering capabilities to reach more consumers.

Momnt’s technology connects lenders with borrowers through its merchant network in the home improvement and health care industry. These merchants become the “face of financing” to the consumer, offering loans originated by partner financial institutions at the moment when the consumer is making a purchasing decision. The API-based platform presents custom, real-time loan offers to individual borrowers at the point of making a purchase.

Through this partnership with Cross River, Momnt can extend flexible and advantageous terms while providing a seamless and value-driven experience to consumers. The partners teamed up earlier this year and have been working to bring Cross River’s API technology to Momnt’s platform, creating a streamlined process for borrowers in all 50 states and supporting the platform’s growth.

“We are proud to partner with game-changing innovators like Momnt, with their extensive industry knowledge, to provide expanded access to credit via convenient, flexible, point-of-sale loans,” Greg Caminneci, head of client services, marketplace lending, at Cross River said. “Our partnership will allow Momnt to responsibly serve customers nationwide and we look forward to growing our offerings together.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cross River as we continue to expand the ways we serve our merchant and consumer customers,” Chief Revenue Officer Chris Bracken said. “This partnership combines Momnt’s industry-leading moment-of-need lending capabilities with Cross River’s industry-leading financial services technology, and we could not be more excited about the opportunities the partnership will create.”