In Mount Holly, DEP grant will stop flooding — and build a park

For Mount Holly Township, the $285,000 grant it was awarded from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for its Stormwater Management Project is a true win-win.

Not only will it help fund the removal of an existing parking surface behind the municipal building that is prone to flooding, it will key the development of a beautiful green space.

The project aligns with Mount Holly’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its efforts to mitigate flooding along the Rancocas Creek and improve stormwater management.

Mount Holly Mayor Chris Banks gave thanks to the DEP and Commissioner Shawn LaTourette.

“This Stormwater Management Project is a significant step towards enhancing the sustainability and livability of Mount Holly,” he said.

Banks said the newly created green space will enhance the appeal of the downtown area and play a vital role in reducing flooding.

By replacing the parking surface, it will be able to maximize the absorption of rainfall, thus minimizing the burden during heavy precipitation events.

In addition to its environmental benefits, Banks said the green space will offer a new venue for public gatherings, events and recreational activities.

Best of all, he said, the project will be completed at little to no cost to our taxpayers.

“Mount Holly Township is committed to seeking alternative funding sources to finance crucial improvements within the township,” he said. “This grant, along with others like it, enables the township to undertake significant projects without imposing a financial burden on local taxpayers.”