LG, LSI and Broadsign collaborate with EV Range to launch remotely-managed EV charger signage solution

LG, LSI and Broadsign together with EV Range announced they are working on an integrated solution including electric vehicle chargers and charger station management software, with digital signage and advertising options.

The easy-to-use “ChargeCast solution” will help remove the complexities of integrating and managing chargers equipped with advertising displays.

The latest technology has the potential of opening up entirely new opportunities for hotels, restaurants, malls and charging destinations that run marketing campaigns at their electric vehicle charging stations.

“EV Range was born out of the complexities associated with remotely managing, monitoring and monetizing electric vehicle chargers,” Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range, said. “Our cloud-based software and payment application is an industry leading charger management software solution. Working with LG, LSI and Broadsign is a natural extension of bringing an exceptional engagement and experience to both electric vehicle charger owners and the drivers that use them.”

“Supporting a robust EV charger market aligns with LG’s focus on environmental sustainability, and we see the ChargeCast solution with LG’s advanced display technology as a key player in that expansion,” said James Pfenning, technical sales director at Englewood Cliffs-based LG Business Solutions USA, said. “Working with EV Range and others to launch electric vehicle charger solutions that integrate LG’s rugged, 55-inch high-brightness outdoor LCD displays will allow drivers to consume useful, relevant and contextual content while charging their car.”