L’Oréal and other key suppliers, unveils ‘Subtle Carbon, Not Subtle Action’ carbon reduction manifesto

Leading global brands have expressed their hopes of leading green development in their respective industries recently at the 2023 Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo.

Themed around “The Carbon Journey of a Lipstick,” L’Oréal committed to its sustainable development program “L’Oréal for the Future,” inviting more partners from the ecosystem to navigate the path towards carbon neutrality.

Parsippany-based L’Oréal said it persistently believes that one tree does not make a forest, and the journey to carbon neutrality necessitates fostering diverse collaborations, envisioning the future, and strategizing development together.

At the opening ceremony, L’Oréal orchestrated a “Partners of Tomorrow” series of activities, working with upstream and downstream industry partners to craft a sustainable future. L’Oréal North Asia, in concert with 10 strategic suppliers, launched a “Subtle Carbon, Not Subtle Action” carbon reduction manifesto. This included Cainiao Network, Microsoft (China) Co. Ltd., Bloomage Biotech and others. These 10 strategic suppliers all participated in the CDP and Ecovodis ratings and agreed to join the carbon reduction actions advocated by L’Oréal.

L’Oréal aims to champion these organizations in its carbon reduction endeavors by adopting a range of initiatives such as knowledge sharing and providing comprehensive training. In doing so, it intends to augment “L’Oréal for the Future” in its pledge to reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions, as outlined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

“Through ‘The Carbon Journey of a Lipstick’ theme, we aspire to convey the beauty we create as a sustainable beauty of the future. We are committed to pioneering our own sustainable development: From the ‘Sharing Beauty with All’ commitment proposed in 2013 to the new sustainable development commitment ‘L’Oréal for the Future’ looking towards 2030, we strive to drive our own transformation, coinciding perfectly with China’s dual carbon goals,” Fabrice Megarbane, president, North Asia Zone, and CEO, L’Oréal China, expressed.

“Besides, we are devoted to collaborating with the entire ecosystem to achieve sustainable development, and to practicing sustainable development for the benefit of every individual,” he added.