Paradox Museum New Jersey announces July opening at American Dream

Paradox Museum is excited to announce that its third U.S. location will officially open its doors this July at American Dream, the Northeast’s premier entertainment, shopping and dining destination.

With more than 70 mind-twisting, eye-tricking exhibits encompassing 11,000 square feet, Paradox Museum New Jersey will force guests to rethink what’s real and what’s not, with exhibits that will challenge the senses and make for the ultimate photo opp.

Ideal for all ages and interests, a trip through Paradox Museum New Jersey will take visitors approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Team members will be available to guide guests as they explore elaborate exhibits and puzzling experiences, all while learning about vision, perception and the human brain.

The museum is also now hiring, seeking qualified applicants for over 25 open positions, ranging from guides to supervisors. Additional information is available here.

“We’re incredibly excited to finally be able to bring the unique, one-of-a-kind experience that only the Paradox Museum can offer, to New Jersey,” Marc Gregory Tipton, regional sales and marketing manager, Paradox Museum, said. “We could not imagine a better home for the museum than American Dream and know that, once guests enter through our doors, they’ll be drawn to fully explore the intricacies of the paradoxes before them, challenged to think again and again about what’s real and what’s not.”

Paradox Museum New Jersey will feature dozens of standout exhibits, including its popular Upside Down room where all objects — and people — will seem to defy gravity. Curated specifically for the New Jersey market, the Upside Down Room at Paradox Museum New Jersey will be set in a “Jersey Diner.” Guests can strike poses as though they’re sipping on a milkshake at the bar or sitting down ready to order dinner, all while through the lens of their camera, their world literally gets turned upside down.

Founded by the Paradox Group, the New Jersey destination joins three other Paradox Museum locations in the U.S. and five locations in Europe; more than two dozen additional locations are in development through 2024.