‘Divercity’ designs: Holmdel business aims to spread positivity with fashion

Collection by Rufhaus Designs aims to connect clothing to cities — including Asbury Park

Residents of Asbury Park are proud of their city. Rufhaus Designs President Jennifer Ruf said that should be celebrated in clothing.

Ruf, who founded her company two decades ago, this summer is launching “divercity designs” — a clothing and accessories brand committed to spreading positivity and celebrating our differences, one city at a time, she said.

“We like to call it ‘casual clothing with a purpose,’” she said.

Ruf said wearers can show off their personal style, and celebrate their city’s rich diversity, with classic T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, footwear and more — all emblazoned with their city’s name and customized divercity logo.

“The purpose of wearing our unique divercity designs is to join together and spread positivity about all the great people and things that make a city come to life,” she said.

The current designs feature 27 cities across the country, from San Francisco to Miami and many destinations in between.

Ruf said that, before rolling out the new brand, she tested the concept by launching a line of divercity apparel featuring Asbury Park, a favorite travel destination for the New Jersey native.

“We noticed that Asbury residents were extremely proud of their city,” which received an “A+” ranking from niche.com for its ethnic and economic diversity, she said.

She said the initial product went over well with Asbury Park residents and tourists.

Asbury Park currently is the only New Jersey city among the 16 options, but Ruf said that, as the demand for divercity continues to spread, the clothing line will expand, too. She aims to incorporate more cities across the U.S., along with new apparel and accessory designs.

“Now people have a way to spotlight their town’s diversity, loud and proud,” she said.