Altus Power community solar now available to New Jersey residents

New Jersey residents are able to sign up for Altus Power community solar, according to a recent announcement.

The program is part of the New Jersey Community Solar Energy Pilot Program and gives subscribers access to the benefits of clean, electric power with a 20% savings off their monthly utility bills.

Slots are available to both renters and homeowners who are looking for opportunities to save on their utility bills while supporting New Jersey’s transition to clean electric power.

“With electric rates expected to increase as much as 7% across the state this summer, New Jerseyans are seeking ways to save money on their utility bills without sacrificing summer necessities like air conditioning,” Daniella Gray, head of the Customer Experience Team, Altus Power, said. “We have been proudly serving multifamily residents in New Jersey with clean, electric power at a discount since 2011 and we are now able to increase the number of households we can serve significantly — offering New Jersey residents across income brackets monthly savings along with the benefits of clean, electric power made locally.”

Altus Power currently serves more than 20,000 subscribers nationwide. Community solar provides renters, apartment-dwellers and homeowners access to clean energy savings without requiring the customer to provide their roofs for the installation of solar panels. Instead, customers can choose clean energy by subscribing to a community solar system owned and operated by Altus Power and located on commercial and industrial facilities throughout New Jersey.

Limited spots are available, with priority access given to those who qualify for certain state benefits. To learn more click here.