Main Street Business Alliance releases first ‘Hackensack Trend Report’

A classic street clock in a courtyard close to the Bergen County courthouse in Hackensack NJ.

The Main Street Business Alliance released its first “Hackensack Trend Report,” which shows what residents are looking for on Main Street, broken down by age, gender and years lived in Hackensack. The data comes from a detailed survey sent to residents of Hackensack through the MSBA, in partnership with the Johnson Public Library and the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce. 1,400 residents of all backgrounds and ages were polled to find out their preferences via a survey.

“Today’s report demonstrates the significant progress we’ve made to gather and evaluate information from residents of Hackensack about what they want to see on Main Street,” MSBA Executive Director John Peters said. “Working together with our partners at the Johnson Public Library and the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce, we designed a survey that would generate data across multiple segments of residents to find out what people truly wanted to see on Main Street with respect to food, retail and entertainment.”

Peters said the data will be used to help determine who next to approach from the retail and restaurant perspective. The survey also revealed what residents want to continue in regard to the town’s award-winning Johnson Public Library.

Key highlights of the report include:

  • 18% of respondents visit Main Street daily, 53% weekly, 18% monthly.
  • 61% of respondents want to see more ethnic food restaurants. 45% want more bars/pubs. 56% want to see more coffee/pastry options.
  • 41% have a dog or cat, with 19- to 29-year-old respondents representing the largest age group of pet owners at 61%.
  • 60% of respondents would like Main Street to have some sort of comedy club.
  • 86% of respondents want to see Main Street establishments stay open late (9 p.m.).
  • 70% of respondents prefer to attend events on weekends.

“Property and business owners and operators will find this report extremely useful,” Jerry Lombardo, owner of CJ Lombardo Co. and former chairman of the MSBA, said. “The intrinsic value of a report like this has never been higher as we now have thousands of new residents who are looking to Main Street for eateries, services, retail shopping, and entertainment.

“This data and analysis provides insight to the business community and helps us provide better services to the Hackensack residents. The survey information validates the positive trends and growth we see in North Jersey,” Charles Muldoon, president of JP Management, said.

The Main Street Business Alliance collaborated with Hathaway and Lane, a data analysis firm, the Johnson Public Library, and the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce to build the survey, compile and analyze the data and build the report.

The data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed for accuracy as it may not reflect all the residents in the area.