T&T Construction restructures and rebrands as it evolves to serve clients from Northeast to Florida 

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Moorestown-based T&T Construction Management Group recently announced its expansion, restructuring and rebranding. The woman-owned company has evolved to serve a large base of clients, ranging from those in the Northeastern U.S. to Florida and the Caribbean. Over the last 25 years, the organization has undergone tremendous growth. Based on these factors, the company is rebranding from T&T Construction of Central Fla. Inc. to T&T Construction Management Group Inc. The new name better represents the market and clients that T&T serves.

“We are exceptionally proud of all our team has accomplished,” CEO Rebecca Thomas said. “Our growth has been astounding, and we are excited to usher in a new era of success for our clients, who turn to us for complex concrete solutions across various industries and territories.”

T&T said it remains committed to the core values that have driven growth since its inception. As a premier concrete specialty contractor, T&T takes pride in delivering reliably for each customer and market served through its hard work and innovative problem-solving approach. The team at T&T will continue to execute on the vision and goals of the company, building on a foundation of success and growth fed by safety, service, quality and integrity.

T&T specializes in a myriad of projects, including distribution centers and warehousing, entertainment, K-12 and higher ed, mixed-use, retail and office space. T&T provides innovative commercial concrete solutions, including best-in-class tilt up and flatwork.

“T&T is grateful to its clients, partners and vendors who have entrusted us to perform on the projects we have executed,” Thomas added. “We are excited to announce this change and for future success in the years and decades to come.

With this change, the domain name used for the website and all company email addresses will change from ttcfl.com to ttcon.com.