DeGesero: Voters will decide if they want Murphy administration to dictate how they cook, drive and heat their homes

Eric DeGesero. (File photo)

By Eric DeGesero

Pending before the NJ Legislature are S3672 and A5591. These bills direct the BPU to direct the electric company to implement building decarbonization through electrification.

These bills haven’t passed the Legislature. Nevertheless, Gov. Murphy has directed his Board of Public Utilities appointees to implement the legislation as if it’s law and today they began the process.

On Wednesday, the BPU voted to begin the process of mandating forced building electrification in New Jersey. It’s shameful.

I’m sick of the BPU’s lies about ‘meaningful stakeholder process.’ A three-minute slot on a Zoom meeting and a 20-day comment period is the antithesis of transparency and engagement.

I’m sick of the lies spouted that the BPU has legal authority to implement this order and regulate carbon emissions. The BPU’s lack of legal authority, as pointed out by rate counsel, is unchanged by today’s vote.

I’m sick of the BPU saying they are merely offering ‘a choice’ regarding building decarbonization, when the only ‘choice’ is electrification because they refuse to recognize alternatives to the existing fossil fuels that can bring about decarbonization at a lesser cost than electrification, with less of an impact to our fragile energy grid.

But what I’m sick of is irrelevant.

The people of New Jersey will decide this fall when we vote if we are sick of Gov. Murphy dictating how we will heat and cook and drive.

Eric DeGesero represents both the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey and New Jersey Propane Gas Association. He has long been a critic of what he feels is a rushed plan to electrify the state.