TESU and Coastline College establish transfer student partnership

Thomas Edison State University and Coastline College now have a transfer agreement that provides Coastline students with a seamless transfer experience to TESU.

“Coastline College shares TESU’s long-standing commitment to our servicemembers around the world along with a reputation of providing exceptional educational opportunities to community college students in Orange County, California. We are excited to partner with them to expand pathways and opportunities for their graduates,” Merodie Hancock, president, Thomas Edison State University said. “This pathway agreement will allow Coastline’s well-prepared graduates to transfer up to 90 of their credits and move seamlessly to a degree completion pathway at TESU.”

“Partnerships like this help break down barriers for those who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree. We appreciate the partnership with TESU and their strong military reputation, and we are excited to solidify this partnership, which will encourage students to expand their academic credentials by including an associate degree and providing a smoother path to a bachelor’s degree,” Vince Rodriguez, president of Coastline College said.

Through the partnership, Coastline students will be referred to TESU admissions counselors to assist them to apply to and transition to the university, allowing students to obtain a bachelor’s degree. These academic pathways outline a clear path from Coastline College to Thomas Edison University, which creates a simplified transfer experience and allows students the opportunity to begin quickly and easily pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Thomas Edison awards more than 65,000 college credits to students for prior learning annually, with each TESU student earning an average of 38 credits toward their degree by leveraging prior learning options.