Bergen New Bridge Medical Center partnership saves 70% on high cost prescriptions

Replaces its PBM with Rescription

Lot of pills against background hundred dollar bills.Concept of expensive medicine

Bergen New Bridge Medical Center has partnered with Rescription, a Pharmacy Benefit Manager replacement company that offers a more cost-effective medication option.

This affordable prescription drug model provides employers, their employees and their families with a significant reduction in their prescription drug costs. On average, employers who utilize Rescription’s model are experiencing 20-30% overall net savings by moving away from their traditional PBM.

At a time when prescription drug costs are rising rapidly, this new model is a viable solution for employers who want to provide their employees the medications they need at a cost that works for everyone without further dictating or limiting prescription alternatives.

Earlier this year, it was reported that New Jersey’s rising health-care expenses will cost taxpayers $4 billion to cover public employees’ health insurance. The 2024 budget, starting July 1, includes a recommendation for a 7.4% increase for health benefits, or $280.5 million more than the 2023 budget, according to New Jersey’s Treasury Department.

Self-insured businesses in New Jersey, like Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, have a choice. With Rescription’s model, businesses can achieve:

  • An estimated 20%-30% overall savings;
  • A 100% replacement of the current PBM;
  • Fully disclosed transparent drug pricing with zero markup; and
  • An easily comprehensible per member per month charge for the entire program.

Bergen New Bridge Medical Center CEO and President Deborah Visconi was the first to launch the Rescription drug program in New Jersey. Visconi’s commitment to improving overall health equity for her 2,300 total members was strong motivation to initiate the replacement of their PBM with Rescription. The savings have been immediate and significant, including up to 70% on high-cost prescription drugs.

“The status quo model of PBMs that provide little to no price transparency, secret markups and soaring costs for specialty drugs needs to be a thing of the past,” Scott Martin, founder and CEO, Rescription, said. “Employers, their staff and their families deserve so much better. We are the next-generation PBM company. Our model offers refreshing clarity and true cost savings.”

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide access to quality and affordable health care services to our staff and all those we serve,” Visconi said. “Our partnership with Rescription is another example of how we continue to lead the way as early adopters of forward-thinking solutions that benefit those who put their trust in us to provide them the highest quality and most cost-effective care possible.”