CarePoint Health celebrates National Night Out for police, community in Hoboken

CarePoint Health Systems, a leading nonprofit health care provider in Hudson County, was thrilled to participate in Hoboken’s National Night Out, an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships, to highlight CarePoint’s groundbreaking MindLine initiative: a dedicated mental health support program tailored to serve frontline workers and first responders in the region.

“We were very excited to be part of Hoboken’s National Night Out celebration and to have the opportunity to introduce our MindLine initiative to the community,” CEO and President Dr. Achintya Moulick said. “Our frontline workers and first responders have been the backbone of our community, especially during the challenging times we’ve faced over the past few years. With MindLine, we aim to offer them the support and resources they need to cope with the emotional toll of their demanding roles effectively.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation has recognized the immense strain experienced by frontline workers and first responders. These heroes have faced unprecedented challenges, leading to a markedly elevated incidence of mental health symptoms. Understanding the urgency and importance of addressing this issue, CarePoint Health has taken the initiative to launch MindLine, a comprehensive mental health support program specially designed to cater to the emotional well-being of frontliners and first responders.

MindLine offers confidential, accessible and compassionate mental health services, providing a safe space for those who tirelessly serve the community to discuss their struggles and concerns. By offering this program free of charge to the city’s police officers, firefighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors and other frontline workers, CarePoint Health aims to be a beacon of hope and support in times of crisis.

Opportunities for telepsychiatry, psychotherapy, primary care and many more also will be available with no charge for initial visits and the convenience of anonymous care.

The launch of MindLine, in collaboration with the Jersey City Health Department, is just the beginning; CarePoint aspires to extend this vital service to all Hudson County first responders as the program scales, ensuring that no frontline worker is left without the necessary support during their time of need.