PharmaKinnex, Data360 team up to extend client reach and improve patient access

East Brunswick-based PharmaKinnex and Data360, a data and engagement solutions provider for health care marketers, recently announced they partnered to further enhance client reach and improve patient outcomes.

Integration of Data360’s deep insights with PK’s marketing expertise will improve PK’s call plans, allowing PK to message to new audiences and reach prescribers ahead of the competition. The partnership positions PK as the only inside sales organization with access to such a high level of data, offering a unique and powerful industry advantage.

From rare disease to oncology and beyond, this unique partnership is designed to deliver increased profits to clients, enable more advanced and secure data analysis and, most importantly, connect patients with life-saving treatments. PharmaKinnex and Data360 are proud to be a part of this newest revolution in pharmaceuticals and medicine, deploying fingerprint artificial intelligence solutions.

“The strategic partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to bring unprecedented value to our clients,” Michael White, CEO of PharmaKinnex, said. “Data360’s powerful solutions to identify, target and engage individuals, while providing valuable analytics about those audiences, will extend our reach to more potential patients and prescribers, providing a sizable edge in the rare disease sector.”

“For this unique market offering, Data360 will identify health care professionals and patients searching online for rare diseases by activating our fingerprint AI solution. By providing insights for timeliness, relevance, and intent behavior, Data360 will equip PK with valuable insights and reach to elevate its services to clients,” James Miller, CEO and president of Data360, said.