Air Water America acquires gas and welding products distributor in Southwest

Bedminster-based Air Water America Inc. acquired Phoenix Welding Supply LLC, a leading independent gas and welding products distributor in Arizona.

About Air Water America

Air Water America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Water Inc. Established in 1929, Air Water Japan has continued to grow in the manufacturing and supply of industrial gases and related services for over 90 years. Air Water Japan has developed its own engineering capability to design, manufacture and operate air separation units and non-cryogenic air separation plants.

Air Water said North America is one of its key growth areas globally. In the past five years, Air Water America has made significant investments in the industrial gas and equipment area, acquiring Taylor-Wharton, TOMCO2 Systems, Cryogenic Vessels Alternative, 80% of Dohmeyer Cryogenics, CO2 Air and a $50 million equity investment in First Element Fuels. Air Water Inc. also acquired Noble Gas Solutions in 2022, another leading independent welding and gas distributor serving the New York market.

“Air Water America’s product offerings serve the semiconductor, chemistry, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and biosciences, energy, metals & glass and industrial manufacturing industries,” Air Water America CEO and President Hiroyuki Minesaka said.

“We are excited to become part of Air Water America Inc. and continue our legacy of excellence in the industrial gas market,” Michael Dye, owner and former CEO of PWS, said. “Our customers can rest assured that they will continue to receive the same level of quality and service they have come to expect from PWS, while also benefiting from Air Water’s resources and expertise.”