Genova Burns taps Avi Kelin to lead Corporate Political Activity specialty

Avi Kelin is taking over the leadership as the new chair of the Corporate Political Activity Law Group at Genova Burns. As the founder and chair of Genova Burns’s Autonomous Vehicle Law service area, Kelin is up for the challenge.

This November will be the first election governed by the New Jersey Elections Transparency Act — the biggest change to how New Jersey’s elections are financed in at least 15 years.

Moreover, for the first time in several years, the entire New Jersey Legislature is up for grabs — and there are expected to be several close races.

“Many people, corporations and nonprofits will be newly involved in the political process because they have heard about the new laws and understand the stakes of our elections,” Kelin said. “People want to have a voice, and they feel this is a great time to do it.”

New Jersey’s 2023 legislative elections are looked at across the country as foreshadowing turnout and relative political strength ahead of 2024’s presidential and congressional elections. This is especially true ahead of 2025’s New Jersey gubernatorial election, as Gov. Phil Murphy is term-limited.

“Political campaigns, strategists and commentators will tune into New Jersey election results for a preview of the next two years — and people and organizations recognize this as an opportunity,” Kelin said.

Kelin has formed and operates many New Jersey, federal and multijurisdiction PACs, Super PACs, 501(c)(3) charities and 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations. He helps businesses, trade associations and nonprofits interact with government and the political process, focusing on campaign-finance law, pay-to-play restrictions, lobbying, government-ethics rules and government contracting.

“Having worked with Avi personally for many years as a colleague, I know him to be exceptional in his command of campaign finance and political law,” Angelo Genova, chairman of Genova Burns, said.

Kelin is an alumnus of the ADL Glass Leadership Institute and Lead NJ. He currently serves as a member of the board of advisers of the Meadowlands Chamber and of the board of directors of the New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance.