Vantage Commercial expands Brunchaholics franchise in Cherry Hill

Vantage Commercial on Wednesday said it successfully represented Brunchaholics, a well-known Philadelphia-based eatery, in securing a long-term lease at 1200 Haddonfield Road in Cherry Hill.

Brunchaholics has solidified its unique identity through inventive brunch offerings and an inviting ambience. With a dedicated following and aspirations for expansion, Brunchaholics turned to Vantage Commercial to pinpoint the ideal location for their new venture.

Vantage Commercial’s reputation for comprehending both the culinary and real estate landscapes naturally positioned it as the preferred choice. The collaborative efforts of Corinne Giletto, director of client services; Monica Walsh, director of client services; and Andrew O’Brian, business development manager, synergistically steered the franchisor towards a new franchisee location, culminating in Vantage Commercial being appointed as the exclusive leasing broker.

Situated in the heart of Cherry Hill, 1200 Haddonfield Road emerged as the canvas upon which Brunchaholics could paint its culinary masterpiece. The location’s exceptional visibility, ample parking provisions and convenient accessibility aligned perfectly with all prerequisites. A meticulous market analysis, coupled with insightful comprehension of Cherry Hill’s commercial real estate landscape, played an instrumental role in the identification of this prime venue.

“We are thrilled with Vantage Commercial for our new location and the team’s expertise in identifying the perfect spot that aligns with our vision has been invaluable,” Aaron Anderson, owner of Brunchaholics, said. “The synergy between our teams has already proved fruitful and we look forward to the continued collaboration as we embark on this exciting new chapter. Cherry Hill’s vibrant community is the perfect setting for our innovative brunch offerings and we’re eager to contribute to the local culinary scene.”