Sens. Menendez, Booker deliver $2M to support New Jersey’s low-income senior housing services

United States fifty dollar bill with the United States Capitol building close up

U.S. Sens. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker on Wednesday announced a total of nearly $2.02 million to provide service coordination and supportive services to low-income seniors at Housing and Urban Development-assisted multifamily housing properties.

Under FY 2023 Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing and Congregate Housing Services programs, these funds promote health and wellness to support residents as they age in place in an independent housing setting.

“The COVID-19 pandemic exposed just how critical supportive services are for our seniors. These federal funds will help New Jersey’s HUD-assisted properties provide health, wellness, transportation and other supportive services so seniors can age in place and enjoy healthier, more fulfilling lives,” Menendez (D-N.J.) said.

“Every American deserves safety and support as they age,” Booker (D-N.J.) added. “This federal investment will help provide supportive services to low-income seniors living in public housing throughout our state to ensure their health and well-being.”

The following grantees/owners of HUD-assisted multifamily housing properties received funding:

  • Trent West Senior Apartments Urban Renewal Limited Partnership, $153,575
  • Trent East Senior Apartments Urban Renewal Limited Partnership, $146,628
  • Irvington Senior Apartments, $113,039
  • South Village II, $100,067
  • South Village I, $99,832
  • Mulhenberg Gardens Urban Renewal LLC, $87,099
  • New Community Senior Citizens, NCC Associates, $79,653
  • New Community Commons, $78,887
  • New Community Gardens, $78,435
  • Woodmere, $76,263
  • Luther Acres, $70,646
  • Atlantic City Townhouses, $68,928
  • Harborview Apartments, $68,561
  • Lindenwold Towers, $61,174
  • Cathedral Square Housing, $58,862
  • Alexian Manor, $56,387
  • South Brunswick Community Development Corp., $56,283
  • New Community Manor, $54,810
  • Senior Housing of Hazel Street, $51,965
  • Eleanor Levovitz Senior Citizens, $49,252
  • NCSC/UAW Senior Citizens, $46,145
  • Kinder Towers, $45,909
  • New Community Douglas Homes, $44,669
  • Little Egg Harbor Development, $42,979
  • Community Haven Senior Citizens, $35,942
  • Housing Authority of Plainfield, $35,454
  • Pennsville Towers, $35,069
  • WTJC LLC, $27,533
  • National Church Residences of East Brunswick, $25,114
  • Oceanport Urban Renewal Preservation, $24,620
  • New Community Roseville, $23,483
  • National Church Residences of South River, $15,777
  • National Church Residences of Lopatcong, $4,816