Edison-based North Indian restaurant welcomes executive chef and offers special Jersey corn menu

Chef Sanjeev Kumar serves up August eats at Moghul Restaurant

The Arora Hospitality GroupMehtani Restaurant Group partnership recently announced the arrival of Sanjeev Kumar as executive chef of Moghul, the landmark North Indian restaurant on Oak Tree Road in Edison.

Originally from Punjab, and a graduate of the Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Kumar resides in Edison with his family. and brings a wealth of experience from fine dining properties across India, Asia and the U.S., including as an opening chef at the ITC Grand Bharat Retreat (Gurugram, India), rated as a No. 1 luxury resort in Asia by Conde Nast Traveler.

Since his arrival in Edison, Kumar has been further refining Moghul’s menu of North Indian/Punjabi fare, adding modern touches to the classic dishes. Among his new specialties are:

  • Junglee Maas, meaning “meat cooked in a wild way,” mutton and chilies sauteed in clarified butter;
  • Murgh Shikampuri Kebab, deep fried, piping hot kebabs made from chicken and dal, with a thick yogurt filling;
  • Makhan Wala Kukkad, marinated curry cut pieces of chicken loaded with butter; and
  • Desi Gud Ki Phirni, traditional North Indian dessert rice cooked with milk and sweetened with jaggery.

To celebrate the arrival of everyone’s favorite Jersey vegetable (well, except for tomatoes, of course), Kumar has created several specials highlighting local Jersey Fresh corn, which will be served throughout the month of August.

“The sweet taste of Jersey corn is such a great complement to our complex, spicy cuisine, that I like to take advantage of it when in season,” he said. “So many of our ingredients are imported, it’s also a pleasure to use something that comes from so close to home. Like corn itself, we’re Jersey strong!”

Specials include:

  • Makai Butta ka Kabab (pictured), seasonal baby corn from New Jersey farms, marinated in fresh spices, ground to a fine mince and grilled on a skewer to a golden brown finish. Served with freshly made raw mango, green onion and mint chutney;
  • Mutter Chali ke Kabab, homestyle fresh corn kernels and green pea patties, seared in a skillet and served with mango chutney;
  • Makai Pudina Butta ka Shorba, roasted fresh corn kernels and butter-seared baby corn, reduced in a purée to perfection. Served as a mild soup with a crispy corn bite; and
  • Makai Badam Gud ka Halwa, a combination of corn flour and almond paste, slow cooked in milk, infused with jaggery and fennel flavoring.


Moghul is also planning a 40th Anniversary Celebration: 3 Days of 1983 menu and prices coming in September.

Founded by Sneh Mehtani as the Moghul Room at New York City’s Pennsylvania Hotel in the fall of 1983, Moghul began as a way for the area’s growing Indian diaspora to enjoy a fine-dining experience of home cuisine. The family moved its base of operations to Edison in 1990, where the Mehtani brand has become a hospitality powerhouse throughout the state and nationally, thanks to extensive catering activities and an unwavering commitment to quality, service and innovation.

To commemorate this milestone, Moghul will feature a select menu of 1983 dishes and prices. Currently slated for Sept. 26-29, guests will be able to sample fare from the original Moghul Room. It’ll be a fun step back in time as a way to celebrate the future.