Suntuity Renewables unveils simpler way to purchase solar: Direct-to-consumer online platform

Suntuity Renewables, a Holmdel-based provider of renewable energy solutions, recently unveiled a direct-to-consumer platform designed to make the solar purchasing experience more convenient and affordable.

Powered by Solar Quote, the all-new platform provides homeowners with a comprehensive solution to design their solar systems, choose equipment, qualify for financing, complete contracts and schedule site surveys, all within a centralized, user-friendly interface at

“Our introduction of a new direct-to-consumer platform represents a significant milestone for Suntuity and the solar industry as a whole. It addresses a critical need to transform the solar purchasing experience by making it more convenient, affordable and accessible to more people,” Christina Bray, vice president of channel sales at Suntuity, said.

The advanced AI technology can design a tailored solar system for each homeowner, taking into account their unique energy needs and preferences. Solar Quote has the potential to change how consumers purchase electrification solutions for their homes. The software minimizes the need for sales representatives.