ThirdEye announces $25M multiyear contract to deploy AI/mixed reality solutions

ThirdEye Products in Healthcare

ThirdEye, a Princeton-based provider of artificial intelligence/mixed reality solutions, was recently selected for a multiyear, $25 million contract from a major hospital system and associated university, for the deployment of ThirdEye’s custom end-to-end ecosystem of AI/MR software with hardware.

As a part of this contract, ThirdEye will deploy AI/MR health care applications ranging from predictive analysis/early detection software, real-time telehealth platform, surgical overlay, EMS protocols, digitization of assets and associated hardware.

ThirdEye’s application portfolio will provide AI-based predictive analysis to help save lives by aiding health care professionals in preventive medicine for life-threatening diseases and other health care critical cases.

The contract is not only a significant milestone for ThirdEye, but it also holds promising implications for progressing the utilization and adoption of AI/MR solutions in the medical field.

This award follows prior successful AI/MR deployments by ThirdEye to U.S. defense industry and U.K. National Health Service customers.

“ThirdEye was founded on the belief that AI/MR solutions could revolutionize our lives,” Nick Cherukuri, ThirdEye CEO, said. “This contract is a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing health care technology and patient care utilizing AI/MR technologies. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in our company’s growth trajectory. Through our innovative products, we continue supporting our customers worldwide.”