Data reveals Princeton produces highest-earning computer engineering graduates nationwide

Princeton University’s computer engineering graduates are the highest-earning nationwide, according to new analysis. University of Washington graduates from Bothell and Seattle campuses earn the second-most nationwide. The Top 10 also includes prestigious universities such as Duke University, the University of California at Santa Clara and Brigham Young University.

A study conducted by website hosting provider Hostinger analyzed data on the average earnings for graduates of computer engineering courses at universities throughout the U.S. The study established the median earnings of holders of bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering fields of study four years after graduation.

“With computer engineering playing such a crucial part in so many elements of society today, and undoubtedly in the future, it is interesting to see the institutions whose graduates currently earn the most. The average salary drawn from these 10 institutions comes in just over $145,000 per annum, a figure that most graduates would be very glad to achieve. With computer engineering representing a fast-growing field and an in-demand career path, universities that can meet and exceed this high graduate salary are in an increasingly good position to attract the most talented students and the next generation of Silicon Valley trailblazers,” Hostinger said.

The study revealed that graduates from the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science earn an average of $227,172 per year. This figure is almost $60,000 more than any other university and equates to a monthly wage of $18,931. The figure is also $100,000 over the national median salary from this cohort, which sits at $124,377.

Princeton boasts many notable alumni, including the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who is currently the third-richest person in the world, according to Forbes.

Graduates in computer engineering from the Seattle and Bothell campuses of the University of Washington average an annual salary of $168,957, or $14,080 monthly, four years post-graduation.

In third, graduates of Santa Clara holding a bachelor’s in computer engineering earn $159,782 on average. This is a monthly wage of $13,315. Alumni of Santa Clara School of Engineering include many founders and CEOs of thriving Silicon Valley tech companies.

Duke produces graduates in computer engineering who earn an average of $137,144 annually four years post-graduation, or $11,428 monthly. Among others, alumni from Duke’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering include senior designers and engineers at companies such as Microsoft and NVIDIA.

The University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science boasts an average annual wage of $135,287, or a monthly wage of $11,274, for graduates in Computer Engineering. The school’s alumni include the founders/co-founders of Seven Seven Six, Wagestream, and Rain Capital.

The rest of the Top 10 includes: the University of California at Los Angeles, Brigham Young, San Jose State University, the University of California at San Diego and California Polytechnic State University.