ROI Influencers: Union Leaders — Top 10

1 Becky Givan; Catherine Monteleone; Amy Higer
President; President; President
Rutgers AAUP-AFT; AAUP-BHSNJ; Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Union

Led weeklong strike of Rutgers University teachers that drew statewide attentionand brought across-the-board raises
(at least 14%) to full-time faculty, 44% per-credit increases (and more job security) for part-time lecturers and 28% increases for post-docs.

2 Bill Mullen
New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council

One of the most important labor leaders in the state. He oversees 15 unions and more than 150,000 members.

3 Greg Lalevee
Business manager
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 825

Strong, steady leader of perhaps the most impactful union in state. If there’s a major project
that needs to be done, the IUOE — with more than 8,000 highly trained and experienced heavy equipment operators, mechanics and surveyors — will be there.

4 Fran Ehret
N.J. state director
Communications Workers of America

In 2021, she took over as state director for the CWA, one of the state’s most powerful public-sector unions, but she has a lifetime of union influence. She served as a national staff representative
at CWA since 2013. Prior to that, she was president of the Turnpike Workers Union, IFPTE Local 194.

5 Sean Spiller
New Jersey Education Association

A high school science teacher in the Wayne public schools, Spiller is president of the NJEA,
one of the most influential and impactful teachers unions in the country.

6 Steve Sweeney
First vice president
International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers

As the former state Senate president, he still has direct connections to the governor and Legislature. A member of Iron Workers Local 399 since 1977, he continues to have major influence throughout
the state and region on numerous projects.

7 Donna DeCaprio
Unite Here! Local 54

She became the first female leader of this powerful union of casino workers earlier this year, but her impact has been great for years. In previous role as financial secretary-treasurer, she dramatically improved union’s financial stability through COVID and help bring historic wage increases last summer.

8 Kevin Brown
Vice president & state director
32BJ Service Employees International Union

The 175,000 members of the chapter of the SEIU is impressive and important — the impact comes when you consider the wide variety of sectors and populations that it serves. Brown has been a key leader/driver in raising minimum wage for service workers throughout the state.

9 Hugh Giordano

Director of organizing
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 360

He’s one of the first calls when cannabis workers are considering creating a union — or have an issue after they do. As the director of organizing for the UFCW Local 360, his impact on the sector
cannot be overstated.

10 Laurel Brennan; Charles Wowkanech
Secretary-treasurer; President
New Jersey State AFL-CIO

Brennan is a longtime member of leadership at state AFL-CIO
(she was elected secretary-treasurer in 1997) and is first woman
to serve in this office in state (one of only seven nationally). She is responsible
for the organizational budget and other financial obligations. Wowkanech is the leader of an organization that unites the voices of more than 1 million union members
across the state in pursuit of social and economic justice for all workers.

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