ROI-NJ presents the ROI Influencers: Union Leaders

If there ever was a doubt about the influence and impact unions still have in New Jersey, the teachers strike at Rutgers University certainly settled the issue.

Not only did the striking teachers get the increased wages and benefits they sought, they did so with the governor himself seemingly leading the effort.

It was a moment certainly noticed by not only unions at other higher education institutions, but unions in general. The impact will be felt for years to come.

That strike is just one example of the impact unions still have. Consider:

From the big: The nascent offshore wind and cannabis industries certainly have shown they will not prosper — or even survive — without working agreements with unions. To the small: The knights of Medieval Times now bring their union cards into battle. To the everyday: Potential work actions at Starbucks and UPS in New Jersey and around the country potentially will impact everyone.

And this doesn’t take into account perhaps the biggest union influence in the state: The building trades, where prevailing wage is the norm, not the exception.

With this in mind, ROI-NJ is producing its first ROI Influencers: Union Leaders list. Here’s a look at dozens of the top union leaders, officials and thought leaders across the state.

Read them, know them: Their impact and influence are growing by the day.