Pop Mart to open its 1st U.S. store at American Dream Mall

Pop Mart, a globally recognized pop culture and designer toy brand, will open a location at the American Dream mall this Friday.

The East Rutherford store will be Pop Mart’s first permanent location to open in the U.S. — the designer toy and collectibles store successfully operates over 400 outlets, 2,000 robo shops and a vast network of distributors across 84 countries and regions. With the opening of the New Jersey location, fans and collectors will now be able to access exclusive releases, limited editions and unexpected collaborations.

Founded in 2010, Pop Mart is an Asian culture and entertainment company in collaboration with renowned international designers such as Kenny Wong, Pucky, Kasing Lung and many others. The company also collaborates with global entertainment powerhouses such as Disney, Universal Studios, Sanrio, etc. It is known for selling collectable “designer” toys, often sold in a “blind box” format.

The grand opening events will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Larry Lu, the head of Pop Mart North America, and feature a variety of exclusive offerings.

“We are thrilled to bring our unique retail experience to the American Dream mall,” Lu said. “The opening of our first permanent store in the U.S. signifies an important milestone for our brand, and we are excited to share our passion for designer toys with our loyal fans and collectors in the United States.”