Study: Seton Hall Law grads in Top 10 in earnings

Regular readers know our feelings about statistical pitches from unusual sources: We take them for what they are worth (probably not a lot) — and only run them if they have a strong New Jersey angle.

A recent “nationwide study” by Florida personal injury lawyers Anidjar & Levine fit that description.

The firm, saying it analyzed data from American Bar Association-accredited schools regarding the earnings of their graduates, determined that Seton Hall Law grads ranked No. 9 in the nation for salaries four years after graduating — at an average of $115,223 a year.

We’re not saying the study is flawed, it just may be limited in its information. After all, Harvard Law School did not make the list. And the No. 1 school, Cornell Law School, was nearly 20% higher than the No. 2 school — and a whopping 282% above the average for the top earning 150 schools.

Somewhere, there must be some statistical anomalies.

A spokesperson from Anidjar & Levine offered a vague assessment.

“With an education in law constituting a very common steppingstone on the path to influence and wealth, it’s interesting to see the institutions whose graduates are earning the most post-graduation,” it wrote. “This Top 10 is undoubtedly a list worth noting for those aspiring to work in law, politics and the vast array of careers that a law degree can lead to.”

With that, the Top 10:

  1. Cornell University: $249,283
  2. Yale University: $204,668
  3. Duke University: $202,454
  4. New York University: $183,529
  5. Georgetown University: $142,966
  6. University of California, Santa Clara: $128,612
  7. University of Florida: $125,265
  8. Boston University: $118,134
  9. Seton Hall University: $115,233
  10. Loyola University (Chicago): $110,658