Bluewave Technology Group acquires JIL Communications, expanding advisory leadership in Kentucky

Bluewave Technology Group in Parsippany on Thursday said it acquired JIL Communications, a telecommunications advisory agency headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. The financial terms of this transaction have been kept confidential. The deal marks Bluewave’s fourth acquisition this year, solidifying its position as Kentucky’s premier technology advisory entity.

Founded in 1999 by Charlie Booth, JIL has established itself as a well-managed advisory agency. With a client base comprising over 350 active customers, JIL has been instrumental in the technology landscape, with a particular focus on the health care and manufacturing sectors.

“Bringing 24 years of strategic advisory experience and key health care clients, JIL boosts not only our presence, but also strengthens our team in Kentucky,” Seth Penland, founder and CEO of Bluewave, said. “With the inclusion of the JIL team, we further enhance Bluewave’s technical excellence and operational capabilities. Our focus on culture and clients is sharpened by uniting former Virtual Telecomm, former SinglePoint Solutions, and now JIL teams in Louisville.”

Booth emphasized the evolving technological landscape, noting: “As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace and complexity increases, our clients require expert advisory across solution suites including cloud, network, CX and cybersecurity. Bluewave’s team of experts possesses the acumen to devise technology roadmaps and deliver optimal outcomes for our clients. It’s remarkable to witness my team becoming part of a thriving leader in our field.”