The fantastic 50: A look at the most influential people in the history of the Meadowlands

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What a list.

It includes people who helped build the Meadowlands — who brought the New York Giants and Jets to play there — and who built MetLife Stadium, the successor to the iconic Giants Stadium.

It includes the person who championed the waterway — and the ferry service that takes Jeseyans back and forth to Manhattan.

It includes numerous restaurant owners — and the owners of one of the most important (and most generous) food companies in the world.

The 50th annual Meadowlands Legacy Awards gala by the Meadowlands Chamber will be held Oct. 12 at The Venetian in Garfield.It will honor:•       Gus Milano, Hartz Mountain•       Peter Unanue, Goya Foods•       Tony Santarelli, Mikasa (retired)•       Jaime Weiss, Weiss RealtyGet tickets here.

Yes, the 50 people selected as the 50 most influential people in the history of the Meadowlands — selections made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Meadowlands Chamber — are as impressive and important as the area that forever changed New Jersey.

After all, it includes a power couple — and Mr. Teterboro. And it has numerous governors, senators and mayors and commission leaders.

It even has the greatest harness racer of all time — and one of the most talented boxing referees.

Entrepreneurs, developers, business leaders and commission heads … they’re all here.

Take a look at the list for a trip back in time — and a look at the present.

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