Rider University partners with New York Giants for hands-on learning opportunities

Rider University announces it is now an official higher education partner of the New York Giants
Rider University announces it is now an official higher education partner of the New York Giants.

Imagine being able to gain hands-on experience across New York Giants business functions through part-time, full-time and game-day internships. Rider University students now have the unique opportunity to do so.

On Wednesday, Rider announced it is now an “Official Higher Education Partner of the New York Giants.”

In addition to internships, Rider students also will have the opportunity to conduct a business-related research project related to the sports industry. The topic of the project will be selected by Giants administration and researched in a case study format by Rider students throughout the year. Throughout the academic calendar, the Giants will also send front office members to serve as guest speakers at campus events.

“What distinguishes Rider from other universities is the sum of the many experiences we offer in and out of the classroom,” Rider University President Gregory Dell’Omo said.  “Aligning with the New York Giants will greatly enhance our emphasis on helping students discover their focus and expand upon classroom knowledge through hands-on experiences. We are delighted to be partners with the Giants and give our students this one-of-a-kind opportunity.”

The partnership also reinforces the Giants’ and Broncs’ commitment to the community by serving alongside each other annually across community initiatives. The two organizations will collaborate on a joint cause-related initiative, providing the opportunity for members to volunteer their time to benefit the broader community.

The integrated partnership will be featured across both Giants and Rider channels, including: social media, digital content, events and game day activations.

“Rider University shares many of our same core values, which is why we are excited to kick off this partnership,” Jessica Slenker, Giants senior vice president, corporate partnerships, said. “So much of our business revolves around hands-on opportunities and we are thrilled to create new ones together with the team at Rider University.”